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October 6-7, 2018


West Coast Racing Inc. gives you over 30 years of experience rolled into a weekend, twice a year, on the Big Track at Willow Springs in Rosamond, CA.  Our goal is to give you an opportunity to learn more about your car and your skills with no worries about red lights in the rear view mirror.

We provide corner workers, EMT’s and Infield Services for your peace of mind and protection.  These are only a few of the things we give you for an enjoyable weekend of automotive fun.  Oh…we also provide professional instruction and instructors at no cost to you!!!

Four run groups from beginner to very experienced are available for all.  5 sessions a day give you a lot of of seat time in your car.

If you have never been open track racing, this is the time to come on out and start.  You will enjoy the family type atmosphere and sharing of information with like-minded individuals.

We bring together some of the most wonderful people with all types of rides.  Cobras, Ferraris, Shelbys, Corvettes, Vipers, Panteras, Mustangs, Camaros, Porsches, Miatas, Minis, Alfa Romeos and even NASCARS.  All cars are acceptable as long as they are safe and pass tech.  Open wheeled vehicles are not accepted.

This is a no touch event, so you are not door to door racing or competing for a trophy.  Your car is sent onto the track in an orderly and safe fashion so you have lots of room to play.  Passing is only allowed on the front and back straight a ways.  Only our most experienced group gets to to pass anywhere!!!

Only $260.00 for the entire weekend.  FREE to the first 60 entries is a T-Shirt and a raffle ticket entry for the next event!


Welcome to west coast racing

“I have been racing with West Coast for 6 years now.  Weekend events are well planned, safe and fun.  See you at the next event!”

-Mike Reiling

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